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Every serious home buyer in St. John's, Newfoundland and area wants to find the next best deal, that new property on the market that no one else knows about.  Until now, this has never been easy.

Old and inefficient ways like driving up and down streets "hoping" to find that new property.  Thumbing your way through ads in magazines and even searching the Internet are not very effective - the problem is that you will be looking at properties that have been on the market a long time.  In many cases these properties you are looking at will have already been sold and some of the best new properties never make it to these ad sources.

Let me explain why these methods are so inefficient.  When a house is put up for sale, a photo is taken and sent in to be advertised, it is then published and goes to market.  The problem you face is that by the time you find the house in the ads, a week or even two will have passed before they are displayed, this even includes searches on the Internet.

The other problem you face is that these very same sources that you are searching through to find your new home are painfully slow at removing properties that have been sold.  Once a property has an accepted offer, there is a ten to fourteen day conditional period to handle the financing, then as in the case of the Internet the ad that you are looking at is removed about seven to fourteen days after the conditional period has been waived.  This means you are getting excited over properties that have been off the market for up to a month.

Now you can understand the difficulty of finding a property in St. John's, Newfoundland area using the old methods of searching.  Looking at ads that do not display the newest properties and getting excited over properties that are no longer on the market. But when you want to narrow down your search to the best available homes on the market, there is a much more superior way of doing this.

We have created a simple, efficient method to correct all of these deficiencies.  With the use of our super computers we are able to gather these lists of HOT NEW LISTINGS the minute they are put on the market and forward them to you.  Just think, no more searching through old ads and getting all excited about properties that have been sold.  And worse, missing out on that house that just came on the market but was purchased by one of our buyers using our new super efficient methods.

What we can do for you is provide you a list of the properties that have just been listed.  This is totally an opt in method of delivering to you the HOTTEST new listings on the St. John's, Newfoundland and area market today.  You can opt out at any time that you choose and best of all there is no obligation or cost to you, it is totally FREE.

It's easy ....

Just fill out the form, click submit and within 24 hours you will start to receive your list of the Hottest New listings on the St. John's, Newfoundland and area market that match your home buying criteria.

Please note, all information is kept confidential, we will never sell or distribute or share your e-mail address.